Bamboo Grove Dishcloth

 Bamboo Grove Dishcloth

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Are you ready for the next pattern in my FREE dishcloth series? Here is May's free dishcloth pattern! This was actually supposed to be April's dishcloth pattern, but life got in the way, so it was postponed for May! This one is a nice easy two row repeat pattern, but creates such a great texture! Click here to check out some of my other free dishcloth patterns!

The Bamboo Grove Dishcloth is knit using the bamboo stitch, a combination of knits, purls and yarn overs! The texture it creates looks like bamboo, hence the name! These dishcloths are super quick to make and so practical in your home/kitchen. I love using these dishcloths as a great way to add long lasting, quality products to your home! You can pop them in the washer and dryer and they will last for years! These are knit using the soft, squishy Knitpicks Dishie yarn, or any other worsted weight cotton yarn you can achieve gauge with!

I have been using my favourite cotton yarn for all my dishcloth designs, KnitPicks Dishie cotton yarn! This design is using the color Lilac Mist! Dishie is a really soft and flexible cotton yarn, while still having enough structure, and it doesn't split while working with it!

You can use any weight 4 worsted cotton yarn for these patterns, but I definitely recommend Dishie yarn for dishcloths if you haven't tried it before! My testers mostly used Dishie or Dishie Multi as well, but some used Bernat Handicrafter which is a good alternative. 

Bamboo Grove Dishcloth

I hope you enjoy this free pattern! If you would like to purchase an ad free PDF copy of the pattern, it is available on Ravelry, Etsy and my website at a low price. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @perfectlyknotted and use the hashtag #BambooGroveDishcloth so I can see what you make! You may sell finished items but please credit Perfectly Knotted as the designer. Selling or distributing this written pattern as your own is a violation of copyright and will not be tolerated.


  • 5 mm needles (US 8)
  • ~65 yards / 34 grams of worsted weight (4) cotton yarn. Click here for my favorite cotton yarn.
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tool
  • Tapestry needle


This pattern makes a dishcloth that is approx. 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm). Size can easily be adjusted by altering the CO stitch count.


AbbreviationsBamboo Grove Dishcloth

st(s)      stitch(es)

k            knit

p            purl

RS         right side of work

WS        wrong side of work

yo          yarn over



Note: Gauge is not super important for this design, as the sizing of the finished items does not need to be exact. I recommend using a needle size that will get you fairly close to this gauge, but can be a little off. You can adjust the size of the dishcloth if needed as well!

Gauge swatch should be in bamboo stitch pattern (rows 1-2 of pattern), and blocked.

4” x 4” (10 x 10 cm) = 21 sts x 21 rows


- Keep track of row counts and any sizing modifications so that you can replicate it if you make more!

- I use a digital row counter to keep track of my rows.

- In this pattern, even rows are the wrong side, odd rows are the right side.

- When making your YOs, keep fairly even tension. If you make it too tight or loose, there may be gaps or puckering after you pass the YO over the stitches.

- For the initial YO, bring the yarn to the front as if to purl, then insert your needle as if to knit and bring the yarn over the needle to the back and knit normally.


To purchase an ad free PDF copy of this pattern, click here!

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Dishcloth Pattern

Using the Long Tail Cast On (or any other preferred cast on method), cast on 42 stitches. (or a multiple of 2)

Set Up Row (WS):  p all

Row 1 (RS):     *YO, k2, pass YO over the 2 sts just knit,* repeat across row

Row 2 (WS):    p all

Rows 3 - 42:  repeat Rows 1 and 2

Note: add more repeats of rows 1 and 2 if needed to create a square dishcloth based on your gauge and cast on number.

Bind off all stitches knitwise.

Weave in ends and block your piece to straighten out the edges and corners!

Loop (optional):     

I often add a removable rivet style thin label to a corner of my dishcloth as a hanging loop. You could also tie a couple strands of leather as a hanging loop, or crochet a chain loop.

Thanks for knitting with me! I can’t wait to see what colors you choose to make your dishcloths! If you’d like to check out Dishie yarn you can click here.

Remember to tag me on Instagram @perfectlyknotted and use the hashtags #BambooGroveDishcloth so I can see what you make!

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  Bamboo Grove Dishcloth

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