Bulk Orders


I have decided to re-vamp the way I do bulk orders. It will now be easier to see and keep track of which colours are in stock. You can also include any faux fur pom poms in the bulk order code, including clearance poms.
You can still get similar discounts you did before, it is just going to be formatted a little differently.
Instead of purchasing a bulk order listing, you will add the single poms to your cart and then enter a bulk order coupon code which will give you the discount! It will be a percentage discount based on minimum purchase rather than number of poms. This way you can include the clearance and luxury pom poms even though they are different prices, you just will need to buy enough to get to that level's minimum purchase price.
For example:
You want to purchase a bulk order of 20 poms. Put 20 faux fur pom poms ($102 worth) in your cart, add the coupon code '11% OFF' to your cart and it will give you the %11 discount!


Copy and paste the following codes at checkout, or click on the links below to automatically apply your desired bulk discount!

7% OFF --> Minimum purchase of $50

11% OFF --> Minimum purchase of $100

15% OFF --> Minimum purchase of $200