Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN
Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN

Lavender Dip Toque - KNITTING PATTERN

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The Lavender Dip Toque is a matching hat to go along with the Lavender Dip Sweater! It is named due to colour blocking "dip" dye kind of look. The hat is knit using the beaded rib stitch.

Sizes offered:
Adult Large (21-25 inch head circumference)
Adult Medium (19-23 inch head circumference)
Adult Small (18-22 inch head circumference)
Child (17-20 inch head circumference)
Toddler (16-19 inch head circumference)
6-12 M (14-17 inch head circumference)
3-6 M (12-15 inch head circumference)
Newborn (10-12 inch head circumference)
*These sizes are given as the approximate head measurement range. The actual hat will be a smaller circumference when unstretched. Please make sure to base your sizing off of the measurements, not the age range. Due to the stretchy nature of ribbing, I recommend choosing a size where you fall towards the upper end of the range to make sure the hat is appropriately snug.*

Needles required:
US 11/8 mm - 16 inch cord (other size may be required to obtain gauge)

5 sts pattern repeat = 1.5 inches, unstretched (~2.5 inches, stretched fully)
**Make sure to complete a gauge swatch and adjust needle size if needed!**

Yarn required: two colours of any bulky (weight 5) yarn as long as you can meet gauge.
I used Knit Picks Biggo in Asphalt Heather (colour B) and Iris Heather (colour A)
*Note: Colour A and Colour B are switched from how they are in the Lavender Dip Sweater, since the toque is worked bottom up!*

Yardage required:
Yardage is given as a total yardage. I used Colour A for just under half of the hat and Colour B for just over half, but you are welcome to adjust the colour "dip" section.
Adult Large - 90 yds
Adult Medium - 80 yds
Adult Small - 70 yds
Child - 60 yds
Toddler - 50 yds
6-12 M - 40 yds
3-6 M - 30 yds
Newborn - 25 yds
Note: Yardage is an approximation and is calculated using the recommended length. Allow for extra yardage if choosing to do any modification. The yardage can vary depending on your gauge and knitting, so I always recommend buying extra in case you require more yardage.

Extra notions required:
One stitch marker (BOR marker)
Yarn needle
Measuring tape
Row counter is recommended!

This is a PDF knitting PATTERN to make a hat, NOT the actual finished hat. There will be no refunds for failure to read the listing, and due to the electronic nature of this listing. All sales are final.

The photographs and pattern in this document are property of Perfectly Knotted. Please do not reproduce, in whole or in part, or distribute this pattern or content. This pattern is intended for personal use only. You may sell your finished hat, as long as you credit my shop in your listings with a link to my original pattern.

Need help with any part of the pattern? Send me a message! Questions or comments are always welcome! :)

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