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The weather has been getting colder and we are finding ourselves in winter, which is crazy, because I feel like last week it was August! I don't really like the cold/winter, but I have found myself getting excited about wearing all my cozy sweaters! I have been designing a lot of sweaters this year, and thought I would do a post about some of my latest designs and my favourite sweater yarn!

What is my go-to yarn for sweater designs?

While I have designed sweaters using a variety of yarn weights and brands, the one I keep coming back to again and again is Knitpicks Biggo yarn. This yarn is a bulky weight yarn, so it works up nice and quickly, they have some GORGEOUS colours available, it is super soft and cozy, and to top it all off, it is really affordable! I first bought this yarn a couple years ago, and was very impressed by the quality and colours, and stocked up with a ton of it last year as well for sweaters and hats. A few of my more recent designs have been made using some yarn gifted to me by Knitpicks, and of course I requested some Biggo, because it is my all time favourite!

The Fletching Sweater

I released this design earlier in November, and it is definitely one of my favourite designs to date. The Fletching Sweater is named due to the detailing along the bottom hem reminding me of arrow fletchings. I had actually designed this pattern to have vine detailing, but they turned out more angular and reminded me more of fletchings! This was a really fun design to work up for me. I started working on it while at the cabin at the end of summer, and it actually helped me accept the seasons changing because I was so excited to finish and wear this piece! This design is made using Knitpicks Biggo yarn in Dove Heather (light grey) and Autumn Heather (rusty red/orange accent). This pattern is available through my site, on Ravelry, and on Etsy!

The Lavender Dip Sweater

I released this design (plus its matching toque!) last week, and it is another favourite. I love bulky sweaters, they just make me feel so warm and cozy! The Lavender Dip Sweater is named due to the colour blocking “dip” dye kind of look on the sleeves and bottom hem. The sleeves are a loose balloon style sleeve with a fitted ribbed cuff. The bottom hem features a split hem in beaded rib stitch, with a longer back section. This design is made using Knitpicks Biggo yarn in Asphalt Heather (dark grey) and Iris Heather (lavender). The Iris Heather is actually a colour from my first Biggo purchase, so that one is no longer available, but they have a very similar one called Magnolia Heather! This pattern is available through my site, on Ravelry, and on Etsy

The Compass Sweater

The Compass Sweater was my very first garment design, which I released back in March this year. This is the one that jumpstarted my love for bulky yarn, specifically Knitpicks Biggo yarn. I had this spark of an idea for the compass sweater probably a year or so before I actually started designing it, but I was unsure how to actually go about designing a sweater. I finally just decided to go for it, and the only yarn I had sweater quantities in was Biggo! This design is made using Knitpicks Biggo yarn in Brass Heather. The Compass Sweater is inspired by the lines of a compass, with 4 raised lines down the front, back and both sleeves mimicking the North, East, South and West compass points, and the raglan seams mimicking the NW, SW, SE, NE lines. It has a V-neck front and features a side split hem. This was an extremely successful pattern, and is still my best selling pattern, which just makes me so happy and thankful considering it was my first garment design! This pattern is available through my site, on Ravelry, and on Etsy!

Any Upcoming Sweater Designs?

Oh you know it!! I have two more sweater designs coming up in the near future.

The White Noise Sweater is a fun marled design using Knitpicks Biggo yarn and Knitpicks Luminance yarnThe White Noise Sweater is designed to be a simple, cozy V-neck sweater that has a unique marled effect due to the use to a bulky and lace yarn held together. It has a V-neck front and slightly flared sleeves.  The sweater is designed to fall to a long crop level, with a little bit of a loose and boxy fit. I have been wearing mine around the house with my leggings or joggers! This design is currently being tested, and will be released second week of December!

The other design is still in the design process. It is a scrappy/stripy sweater using 5 different colours of Knitpicks Biggo yarn. I actually just requested some of these colours just to see how they looked in person, but when I got them and saw them all sitting together I thought, "hey these actually look great together, lets make a stripy sweater!" I am almost done the sweater, so keep an eye out for my tester call on Instagram soon! It would be a great one to use up some single skeins or bulky scraps!

Final Thoughts

Sweater weather is the only good thing about winter in my opinion! Good thing I have an arsenal of hand knit sweaters to combat the cold! If I could classify my wardrobe in a couple words, it would be comfy, cozy and classic. Hand knit sweaters fit in perfectly! You can expect to see many more sweater designs from me going forward, and likely most will be made using my go-to bulky yarn, Knitpicks Biggo yarn. (Future testers, stock up!!)


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  • Hi Claire,

    Do you make any sweaters to sell? I’m just a beginner knitter, so a project like this is intimidating. I LOVE your compass sweater design. Do you take orders? I have one of your toques and LOVE it. I see you’re all sold out of them right now. Will there be any more? I’m loving the aqua coloured yarn. Spring in Victoria is still toque weather, no? Haha

    Kind regards,
    Stacey B

    Stacey Bendall

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